Wayan Brayut mediated his brothers, Mang Pales and Tut Kampil, who were in a fight by telling them a story about Pan Jempenit. Pan Jempenit was a newly married man. He wanted to look for a job. On the way, he met some people who were about to dispose of snakes. He asked them to hand the snakes over to him and continued his journey to the forest. Suddenly, in the forest, a dragon approached him. The dragon was furious because he saw his grandchildren (the snakes) being tied by Pan Jempenit. Pan Jempenit and the dragon bargained. In the end, Pan Jempenit released the snakes and received a sorcerer’s ring.

Artist Profile

Kacak Kicak Puppet Theater is a puppet theater based in Denpasar, Bali. The group reworks some less-popular Balinese folk tales, such as the Men Brayut story created by I Nengah Tinggen, into puppet theater performances. Kacak Kicak is also actively conducting performance collaborations with children in several villages in Bali.