BODY CONCERT is a hauntingly romantic moving puppet sculpture of muscles, tendons and bone. Achingly animated in an extremely rigorous choreography, Kevin Augustine’s spectacle embraces a pure minimalism as he puppeteers solo-- using his hands, toes and outstretched legs. Inspired by Butoh dance, this hybrid work brings Lone Wolf Tribe’s exquisitely sculpted foam-rubber puppets uniquely to life in a wordless, tender meditation on life’s beautiful impermanence.

Artist Profile

Kevin Augustine’s Lone Wolf Tribe (LWT) is an interdisciplinary performance company based in Brooklyn, NY. Fusing history, philosophy, and life-sized puppetry into contemporary narratives since 1997, LWT conjures brutally poetic & theatrically provocative worlds- unabashedly embracing art as a catalyst for social change. With meticulous craft, extreme physical rigor and decidedly dark humor, LWT’s mission is to investigate, challenge and spellbind with fearless original stories that speak compassionately to our collective human experience.