All Ages
5 - 50 participant

A very simple workshop: together we’ll make short sentences, animate it with our hands and body, add voices, then invite the audience to imitate.

This is how Jeff Gere begins his adventure; it starts with a story, movement, hand puppet, and sound. Jeff will conduct a one-hour mime, sign play, and visual animation over a cheerful Zoom session. For an hour, the audiences will be divided into small groups to explore further and share the fun! Open for all ages, everyone is welcome to participate.

Artist Profile

Jeff Gere is a storyteller, puppet maker, festival, radio & TV series producer based in Hawai'i. Furthermore, he also does puppet shows. Before the pandemic, Jeff used to tour the US, Hawai'i, and many other countries as a storyteller and performer. Currently, he enjoys gardening and making collages.