A girl named "Anoko" woke up on the seashore. This work is a puppetry video recorded at the Suma coast in Hyogo prefecture. The human size dogushi puppet, the sea, and the puppeteers tell a poetic story without words.

Artist Profile

NEMURIDORI was founded in 2004 by NAGAI Nozomi, as a puppetry troupe of artistic students in Kanazawa college of Art.

NEMURIDORI specializes in two types of puppet methods: One is an expression using original and unique characters made of soft fabric material. The other is a life-size Dogushi puppet, which is a modern arrangement of traditional Japanese puppetry.

Wordless performances spun from the movement of the puppet and the relationship between the puppet and the puppeteer, are rich in poetry and imagination, and can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

NEMURIDORI creatively co-produces works with artists in other fields to explore new directions in the Japanese puppet theater scene, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary expressions.

NEMURIDORI has participated in various Japanese and international festivals.