Although artistic stimulation is believed to have an influence on the development of a baby, theater performance for babies, however, is a very new thing in the world of performing arts. So new that it is unheard of in some countries.

This time, two groups of artists from Singapore and Australia will share their experiences in producing puppet theater for babies.


EPIC TEAM (Singapore)

'Making the familiar strange' is our starting point on our exploration in the world of puppetry for babies.

Babies nowadays grow up in a weird time where the world is full of masked faces. Now, how can the mask be a tool of isolation, at the same time, evoke a sense of wonder?

Join us in the performance-lecture that we designed, compiled, and manipulated as a way to tap into the hearts, minds, and senses of three curious little beings: Yona, Aaleyah, and Alesha, the beta-tester of our work.

As a part of The Artground’s EPIC program, Stan (resident artist at The Artground), Myra Loke (The Finger Players), and Vanessa Toh, together with Papermoon Puppet, pressure-cook an idea for Pesta Boneka via ZOOM over a week, on how everyday objects can capture the interest and sense of children.

Serene Tan (Stan) has been creatively involved in making theatre for young audiences since 2003. She has worked with W!ld R!ce, Singapore Repertory Theatre and Cake Theatrical Productions on Theatre for Young Audiences and has also been a music educator for young children. During her residency at The Artground in 2018, she started creating works for babies. She also formed a collective, Tiny Feat, and produced two performances, namely Annie Ting and the Dragon, also BEAM.

Myra is the co-founder of The Wanderlings, a collective that creates sensorial experiences and programs. She is currently the Co-Artistic Director of The Finger Players. She believes in using arts for social awareness and understanding. Myra has also worked with young people with atypical needs.

Vanessa Toh is an actor, educator, and theatre maker. She graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a BA First Class (Hons) in Acting, in 2015. Her practice is deeply rooted in Kalaripayattu, a South Indian martial art. Her theatrical credits include Dating Sim (Beta ver. zoom) (Attempts) as part of Thornhill Theatre Space’s Virtual Fringe Festival 2020 and, the original live theatre version, part of Centre 42’s Late Night Texting in 2019.

OMOON (Australia)

Omoon consists of 2 performers, Yee Wen Soo and Youbi Lee. They will share their experience of their past production, Obang.
Obang is a performative installation space designed for babies aged 6-18 months along with their caregivers. It is inspired by the traditional Korean concept of Obang. In this work, Obang refers to five primary colors and explores the spatial meaning of home.
Yeewen is a dancer, graduate teacher, and art facilitator. She is trained in Odissi, a classical Indian dance style. A senior dancer of Sohamasmi Performing Arts, she performs internationally, teaches Odissi, and choreographs dance pieces. YeeWen also graduated with Masters of (Primary) Teaching. Yeewen extends her dance expertise into theatre, installation, and participatory arts.

Youbi is a multimedia artist who works in; printmaking, installation, video, puppetry, performance, and community engagement. She graduated from Chugye University of Arts, Korea, from which she graduated as the dux of the university. She has developed strategic partnerships with 50 local organizations that support multiculturalism and co-created artworks with over 1,000 participants in Victoria. Youbi continues to refine an art practice that engages and draws commonality between people and places.