Piper lolot (Piper sarmentosum) leaves are often used in Vietnam to wrap meat. In Vietnam, it is called lolot. These leaves have a particular scent that goes very well with grilled food.

1. Lolot leaves (piper sarmentosum).
2. Shallots.
3. Protein: pork, beef, or mushroom for vegetarian.
4. Salt.
5. Oil.

How to cook
1. Chop lolot and shallots.
2. Add chopped lolot and shallots to your favorite protein. Add salt.
3. Mix all the ingredients.
4. Now, wrap the mixture with lolot leaves.
5. Add a little bit of oil into the frying pan. Fry lolot until golden brown on each side.
6. Serve with your favorite sauce.