Balik-balik is a multi-site online performance that combines the elements of shadowplay, video projection, and sound. In Malaysian, Indonesian, and Filipino languages, "balik" means "to return" In the Philippines’ Visayan language, "balik-balik" implies repetition and the tendency to relapse.

The performance is a collaboration between artists spread across Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines, and explores the experiences of time and space during the pandemic. Balik-balik is about the endless repetition of days during the multiple waves of lockdowns and how space is compressed through digital technology. The work is an exercise in paying attention as we observe sunrises, sunsets, and the ever-changing clouds; finding the meaning of life as we pass through the valley of pandemic’s shadows.
Artist Profile

Prodjx Artist Community is an interdisciplinary collective and space based in Project 4, Quezon City, The Philippines, with a network in the Asia Pacific region. The collective integrates art, research, education, and community engagement & development into various collaborative art works and initiatives. The thread that ties the collective together is their interest in participatory art and research practices and the environment