Okonomiyaki a Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients (vegetables, seafood, eggs, chicken, or pork) in a wheat-flour-based batter and fried on teppan. The name is derived from the word "okonomi", meaning how you like or what you like , and "yaki" meaning cooked (usually fried).

For two-persons
1. 200g flour.
2. 150mi water.
3. 1 egg.
4. 300g cabbage.
5. Pork or squid
6. Red ginger.
7. Bonito flakes.
8. Leek.
9. Green laver (you can add what you like).
10. Okonomiyaki sauce.
11. Mayonnaise.
12. Cooking oil.

How to make
1. Mix flour and water.
2. Add sliced cabbage, other ingredients, egg, and mix.
3. Lightly grind cooking oil in a heated frying pan and bake the dough in medium heat. Spread the pork on the dough.
4. When the back of the dough has turned golden brown, turn it over and bake until the other side also turns golden.
Turn it over again, and you’re done! Apply sauce, mayonnaise, etc. and sprinkle with dried bonito and green laver. Eat!