1. Leftover rice.
2. Leftover chicken.
3. Spinach.
4. Brussel sprouts.
5. Spring onion.
6. Sambal.
7. Eggs.
8. Garlic.
9. Shrimp paste.
10. Cooking oil.

Side dish
1. Cucumber.
2. Carrot.
3. Pepper.
4. Lime.
5. Soy sauce.
6. Prawn cracker.

How to make
1. Chop spring onions and garlic.
2. Pull the chicken and cut the veggies.
3. Add some oil into the wok, fry the spring onion, garlic, terasi (shrimp paste), and sambal.
4. Add the rest of the ingredients.
5. Whisk the eggs and cook on another pan.
6. Cut the cucumber and carrot.
7. Mix pepper, lime, and soy sauce
8. Fry the prawn cracker. Cut the eggs.
All done! Ready to serve